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Welcome, True Believers. You are here either by your own choice or your girlfriend’s/boyfriend's. But fret not

because we have all that you shall ever need! Well, not everything but everything cool for sure! So,

tell me true believer, who are your idols? What do you believe in? Are you one of those whose favorite

getaway quote is “Elementary, my dear Watson”? Do you “Wait for it” between every ‘legend’ and

every ‘dary’? Are you one of those madcap gamers who exclaim, “Too much lag!” everytime you are

stuck in a traffic jam? Or are you the dude in a corner who will rather be with your Pink Floyd than with

a crowd? If yes, then welcome to your own personal heaven! And if no, then don’t worry True Believer,

you are where you want to be and boy will you be amazed!

We at POPTALES, we provide you [yes you!] with the choiciest of fabrics etched with

everything you have loved or will love. These garments of freedom shall lend you a voice and furnish

you with an opinion of your own. So, pull up your socks, holster your lightsabers and pay your internet

bills  - and visit our store. Because the times are a changing and your time is now.

And oh, Live long and Prosper!



About us in short: www.poptales.in deals exclusively with T-shirts, pullovers, badges and posters based on Popculture themes such as Gaming, T.V. Series, Comics, Music, Movies and Spoof. As the slogan goes, it 100% POP-CULTURE. Also visit- www.getyourid.in for Bulk Customise merchandise.

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